Victoria Day, Spring Songbird Migration Walk

Monday, May 20, 2019 7:30 a.m. ~ 10:30 a.m.


Jean Hampson and her husband Bob Highcock are conducting our seventh annual Victoria Day bird watching tour at another NEW location!

Join us as we walk along a Niagara creek searching for wrens, warblers and thrushes. We will be rewarded with other sightings such as wildflowers and interesting insects. There is also a pond where we may see waterfowl and turtles.

I will unveil the location when you call to book. But here is a hint! The lakeshore at this creek is listed in the Hotspots and Day Trips section of John E. Black and Kayo J Roy's 'Niagara Birds'.

If you book this tour, you'll receive a 15% discount for a stay on this weekend, at Niagara Nature Tours Bed and Breakfast, Bonnybank, in the middle of The Owl Foundation in Vineland.

Please call Carla to register soon because space is limited for such a fieldtrip. Call 905-562-3746 or email her by clicking here to reserve your spot!

Bob Highcock: Niagara BirderBob Highcock is a keen birder that has assisted with many bird counts in the Niagara Region. He is the President of the Peninsula Field Naturalists Club and author of the birding blog, Tales of the Nishiki. When he's not working in the science education industry, Bob can usually be found in the field with his wife Jean Hampson, searching for their next Niagara lifer bird or finding an interesting trail for a club outing.

Jean Hampson: Niagara BirderJean Hampson graduated from Brock University with a science degree specializing in biology. In her career at the humane society, Jean was the go to person for bird identification. She is currently a member of the Peninsula Field Naturalists Club board of directors. Jean enjoys birding in Niagara and beyond with her husband Bob Highcock and spotting lifers for their ever growing lists.


4th Tour FREE!

Book 3 tours with Niagara Nature Tours within a calendar year and receive a 4th trip free!*

* Depending on the tour chosen, the 4th tour may either be free or at a very discounted rate.

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