Upcoming Events & Fieldtrips - 2019

Our outings can be rated difficult to easy with limited walking, bus travel and wheelchair accessible. Please inquire.

Blackburnian Warbler: Photo: Timothy McIntyreSpring Songbird Migration - Monday, May 20, 7:30 a.m. ~ 10:30 a.m.

This is a fantastic fieldtrip for beginners and experts alike.

Jean Hampson and her husband Bob Highcock are conducting our fifth annual Victoria Day bird watching tour at two locations in north St. Catharines.

The tour will be easy walking along gravel paths and trails.

If you book this tour you'll receive a 10% discount for a stay for the same weekend at Bonnybank Bed and Breakfast (owned by Niagara Nature Tours) in the middle of The Owl Foundation in Vineland.

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Niagara Summer Solstice DrummingSummer Solstice, Drumming Down the Sun, One Solstice, One Lake, Three Beaches - June 21

The Summer Solstice the longest day of the year, has long been held in high esteem by many societies around the world. Join our community drumming circle to celebrate this day. There are no benches or seats, so bring a lawn chair or blanket if you'd like to sit, but be prepared to dance!

This family event has been held at Port Dalhousie's Lakeside Park since 1998 and has grown to become a gathering of over 300 people.

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Winter Wings Over Niagara River & Luncheon - TBA

Long Tailed DuckWith limited walking, this outing is excellent for young and old, experts and novices. Board our comfortable motor coach for a day of camaraderie and fun, stopping for a lovely lunch. With scopes and expert guidance meet the ducks, geese, gulls, vultures and swans, considered our most attractive and stunning wildlife. Bring your cameras.

The Niagara River Corridor, a globally significant bird area for gulls and waterfowl also includes a myriad of bird species including loons, vultures, grebes, swans, peregrine falcons and bald eagles. It supports one of the world’s most spectacular concentrations of gulls, with 21 species recorded and one-day counts of over 100,000 individuals. Having migrated south from Greenland and the Canadian Arctic, they feed on alewives, shiners and other small fish in the rushing open water.

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4th Tour FREE!

Book 3 tours with Niagara Nature Tours within a calendar year and receive a 4th trip free!*

* Depending on the tour chosen, the 4th tour may either be free or at a very discounted rate.

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